A pure land on earth - New Zealand

New Zealand, this "god to man's last piece of pure land" and "the hometown of long white cloud", is known for its unique natural scenery and humanistic environment, where has beautiful scenery, mild climate, beautiful environment, plentiful products, clean government and friendly people.

As the big exporter, New Zealand's agriculture and animal husbandry products exports accounted for 50% of its total exports, lamb, dairy products and wool exports are first in the world; Pure and pollution-free natural environment, excellent production and regulatory system make New Zealand products own a high fame in the world. Delicious flavour and rich nutrition of dairy products, natural antibacterial anti-inflammatory miraculous health manuka honey, pure natural health skin care products, New Zealand pure wild seafood and high-quality alpaca products, all of these New Zealand products are having high reputation in the international market.

Green land international locates in Auckland, New Zealand,  we will share and with you high quality products of New Zealand and the South Pacific and enjoy the simple, natural and healthy lifestyle with you.
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About Us

Green Base International Limited, New Zealand locates in Auckland,  the largest city in New Zealand and the national industrial, commercial, economic and trade center, the City of Sails. We are committed to offer the natural, high quality products of New Zealand and South Pacific islands to customers of China and all of the world.
Our professional management and technical team, plentiful products including milk powder, honey, health care products, cosmetics and various specialty, rapid, safe and convenient online selling and mobile payment system, safe, quick and powerful logistics partners, perfect after-sale service system will provide total service for you, give you the best shopping and  products experience.